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Flexible 115 micron films

130 gramme PE coated backing paper

Transparent solvent based permanent acrylic adhesive

2-3 years expected life span

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GrafiWrap Stardust

GrafiWrap Stardust films come with sparkling particles, which especially catch your attention in the (sun) light. With these films you create the most stunning and striking effects on your vehicle or cabinet.


  • Film thickness: 115 microns
  • Backing paper: 130 gramme PE coated paper
  • Adhesive: transparent solvent based permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Expected life span: 2-3 years


  • SD000 (transparent)
  • SDx001 (white - air escape)
  • SD002 (black)
  • SD103 (blue)
  • SD120 (tiffany blue)
  • SD257 (red)
  • SD337 (hot pink)


  • Wrapping cars, boats, aeroplanes and other objects.
  • Interior decoration

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