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High Gloss Metallics

Flexible 95 micron films

130 gramme PE coated backing paper

Solvent based acrylic adhesive

5 years expected life span

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GrafiWrap High Gloss Metallics

With multi-layered GrafiWrap High Gloss Metallic films you can have your vehicle in a new and fresh metallic colour in no time.


  • Film thickness: 95 microns
  • Backing paper: 130 gramme PE coated paper
  • Adhesive: solvent based acrylic adhesive
  • Expected life span: 5 years


  • CM60 (high gloss metallic red)
  • CM61 (high gloss metallic blue)
  • CM62 (high gloss metallic green)


  • Wrapping cars, boats, aeroplanes and other objects.
  • Interior decoration

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