Flexible 655 micron films

130 gramme PE coated backing paper

Solvent based acrylic adhesive

3-5 years expected life span

flock flock

GrafiWrap Flock

The velvet soft Grafitack Flock films are the perfect means to give your vehicles, vehicle parts or other objects an exclusive character. They are the ideal tool to change the look and feel of your interior.


  • Film thickness: 655 microns
  • Backing paper: 130 gramme PE coated paper
  • Adhesive: solvent based acrylic adhesive
  • Expected life span: 3-5 years


  • FL80 (black)
  • FL81 (marine)
  • FL82 (wimbledon green)
  • FL83 (burgundy)
  • FL84 (eggplant)


  • Wrapping cars and other objects. Because of the structure of the material, special attention should be paid to a correct application method.
  • Interior decoration

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