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Flexible 100 micron films

145 gramme PE coated backing paper

solvent based acrylic adhesive

air escape for easy application

3-5 years expected life span

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GrafiWrap Exclusive Range

The multi-layered high gloss and silky pearlescent GrafiWrap Exclusive films are an excellent means to give your cars or car parts an exclusive character.


  • Film thickness: 100 microns
  • Backing paper: 145 gramme PE coated paper
  • Adhesive: solvent based acrylic "air escape" adhesive
  • Expected life span: 3-5 years


  • EX03 (Crystal White Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX17 (Amber Yellow Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX36 (Crimson Red Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX49 (Hunter Green Pearl High Gloss Metallic)
  • EX55 (Ocean Boat Blue Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX65 (Dark Night Blue Pearl High Gloss Metallic)
  • EX73 (Pale Taupe Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX84 (Titanium High Gloss Metallic)
  • EX95 (Medium Black Pearl High Gloss)

  • EX03SK (Crystal White Pearl Silk)


  • EX06 (Ivory White Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX24 (Sunset Orange Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX38 (Burgundy Red Pearl High Gloss Metallic)
  • EX50 (Petrol Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX59 (Cadet Blue Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX68 (Grey Lila Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX75 (Vivid Brown Pearl High Gloss Metallic)
  • EX86 (Vanthoor Grey Pearl High Gloss)

  • EX06SK (Ivory White Pearl Silk)


  • EX14 (Lemon Lime High Gloss Metallic)
  • EX26 (Tangerine Orange Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX43 (Pistachio Green Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX52 (Carolina Blue Pearl High Gloss)
  • EX63 (Ultra Marine High Gloss Metallic)
  • EX70 (Ultra Violet Pearl High Gloss Metallic)
  • EX81 (White Silver High Gloss Metallic)
  • EX88 (Steel Grey High Gloss Metallic)

  • EX81SK (White Silver Metallic Silk)


Wrapping cars, boats, aeroplanes and other objects.
Interior decoration.

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