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Matt calendered

Flexible 100 micron films

120 gramme clay-coated kraft paper

Solvent based acrylic adhesive

up to 3 years expected life span

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GrafiWrap matt polymeric calendered films are the ideal tool to give your vehicle a subtle and at the same time an exclusive character. They can be used for wrapping even or slighly undulating car parts.


  • Film thickness: 100 microns
  • Backing paper: 120 gramme clay-coated kraft paper
  • Adhesive: solvent based acrylic adhesive
  • Expected life span: up to 3 years (MPW60 1 to 2 years)


  • MPW01 white
  • MPW20 chocolat
  • MPW23 orange
  • MPW28 pink
  • MPW32 red
  • MPW33 red
  • MPW37 hot pink
  • MPW38 purple
  • MPW40 yellow
  • MPW41 blue
  • MPW47 tiffany blue
  • MPW54 green
  • MPW60 bronze
  • MPW64 grey
  • MPW80 black


  • Wrapping even and/or slightly undulating objects
  • Interior decoration

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